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Top Tips for Efficient Spring Cleaning

Though there is still snow in parts of the country, in others, spring is arriving. But no matter where you live, and especially if you live with allergy-sufferers, now is the time to get your spring cleaning underway. Here are some useful tips for making the process more efficient.

  • Set a Schedule – Start by scoping out your home, deciding what needs to be done in each room and setting a date to work in each area.

  • First, Declutter – Months at home during the winter months, and perhaps even longer in the face of a pandemic, have left most of us with more clutter than usual. Toss out the collection of newspapers and magazines, outgrown or unwanted clothing and accessories, old school work or office paraphernalia, and broken or outgrown toys and games.

  • Work From Top to Bottom – Clean each room from the ceiling down to force debris downward and keep you from having to re-dust or re-clean the space. Use a vacuum with an extension hose or a long-handled mop to get cobwebs and dust from ceilings and fans, then dust furniture and accessories before washing or vacuuming the floors.

  • Remember the Walls and Windows – Use a damp towel to wipe down walls and blinds, starting from the top, then remove and wipe down the window screens outside. For windows, use newspapers and a vinegar solution or a steam cleaner with a squeegee.

  • In the Kitchen – Wipe down cabinets and stainless-steel appliances, then go through the fridge and pantry, tossing away old items before cleaning the shelves.

  • In the Bathrooms – In addition to scrubbing down the tub, shower, toilet and sink, clean out the cosmetic drawers or medicine cabinet. Consider replacing the shower curtain and/or the towels to give your bath a fresh, new look.

  • Freshen the Air – Replacing the furnace and HVAC filters is a healthful part of spring cleaning. It’s an inexpensive way to be sure you are breathing fresh, clean air as winter gives way to spring at last

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